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Online Youth Parliament Clubs

We've now launched our after school clubs online!  An after-school club can be very successful in teaching students about basics civics knowledge and getting them to consider issues of democracy and collective decision-making.  It provides all the benefits of our Parliament Owls courses but with a deepening engagement with students and material across an extended period of time.

Unlike debating clubs or mock trials, a Youth Parliament de-emphasises the adversarial role of speech-making in favour of a variety of communication styles; improving not just students public-speaking and argumentation, but also group work, interpersonal negotiation and deliberative democratic process.


RATE:  $20 per student per week (plus booking fee)




 - Hourly class every week

- Available in term or during school holidays

 - Maximum 10 students per session.

Try our in-school 'Parliament Owls' course


This course runs across five weeks, including three lessons with an on-site visit from a Curious Citizens educator and full plans and resources for two teacher-led lessons.


Staff will also recieve a pack with scope and sequence and access for their students to post thier refective writing to the Curious Citizens' blog and submit their writing to the Curious Citizens Essay Competition.



 - 3 x 60 min lessons across three weeks

 - Interactive simulation of election and parliament

 - Introductory lesson plan and follow up lesson

 - Full scope and sequence including assessment for civics and citizenship outcomes

 - Students gain experience of parliamentary systems, understanding of principles of democracy, language and debating skills


Our rate for this program is $50 per student which covers three one hour sessions with a Curious Citizens educator and access to all our associated resources.  Our minimum rate is $1250 with additional charges for class sizes of more than 25.  If you would like to engage Curious Citizens for more than one of your classes, we will happily discuss bulk discounting.

Teachers should be present to facilitate supervision of students during on-site visits.  We require access to a hall or large room and a chair for each student.


Future Leaders Gifted & Talented Days

Adapted from our Parliament Owls program and focusing on presentation and public speaking skills, the Future Leaders program is an intensive gifted and talented program best suited to students from Stages 4 & 5.  Students will be coached in the essential skills of leadership.  While participating in a mock local council, students will discuss issues relevant to their lives and the Australian community, compose a persuasive text, recieve peer feedback and be coached to deliver a presentation on an issue they care about.


This one day course will cover team-building, communication skills, and presentation skills including voice, body and text work from professional performers and public speaking coaches.


RATE:  $750 per day (max. 15 students)



 - One Educator for one full day (9am - 3pm)

- Available in term or during school holidays

 - Up to 15 students

School Holiday Youth Parliaments

Curious Citizens runs Youth Parliaments from time to time or via arrangement during school holiday periods.

Follow our site closely for upcoming programs or contact us for details.

Each of our courses include;


Module 1: Voting

    Students are given mock ballot papers and asked to register a vote between four of their classmates.  We use this opportunity to explain the preferential voting system and explain the Houses of Parliament.

Module 2: Thinking through things together

Students form caucus’ to generate ideas for debate.  We look at;

 - developing a convincing argument

 - separating fact and opinion

 - weighing up different opinions

 - writing a persuasive text

Module 3: Parliamentary Debate

In this module we learn about debating and students learn valuable tools in public speaking.

Module 4: Negotiation, Committees and the Senate

We observe some of the more complex operations of how the different Houses and arms of government interact and practice different modes of communication, negotiation and deliberation.


Throughout every module we talk about the principles of democracy and how they can be applied and interpreted in different ways, learn the basics of institutional democracy, and explore the concept of democracy as an all-encompassing idea of community beyond the formal institutions and discuss how we can use democratic values in our everyday lives.  We encourage critical thinking, communication skills and collaborative and independent learning.

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