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Curious Citizens is an incursion program for schools that aims to increase knowledge and enthusiasm for democracy and our Parliament

We provide an in-class program that teaches students about voting, elections and the principles and processes of democracy and the law through a mock simulation of Parliament.  Curious Citizens is the first program of its kind in New South Wales and is developed by experienced educators and experts in political science.

Our primary program, Parliament Owls is a five-week unit with three classes administered by a Curious Citizens educator and two classes administered by the classroom teacher with our lesson plans.  Group sizes can vary, although for larger groups, students will get the chance to run a mock simulation of the House of Representatives and Senate simultaneously and give your school a realistic Parliament right within your school gates.

Suitable for any group between Stage 3 and 5, our program can be integrated into the teaching program for civics and citizenship as well as English, History, Social and Legal Studies.

We believe in teaching through experiences, and encouraging children to form their own ideas and relationship to the material to create enthusiastic and empowered learners who can grow into articulate, understanding and effective citizens.

What can Curious Citizens do for you…


We guide students to...


    - become critical, connected and community-minded citizens

    - listen, discuss and weigh up competing sides of a problem

    - be confident, pro-active and empathetic communicators

    - take control of their own learning and recognise their own agency


We support our teachers to...


    - make your students more engaged and excited about learning

    - create an interactive classroom without the added workload of planning and organising

    - give you more time to do the teaching you really want to do

    - continue the program and change your classroom environment for the better


We teach our communities to...


    - have a broad understanding of citizenship beyond the realm of politics

    - fill the gaps in knowledge about our political institutions

    - engage with each other in a more deliberate way

    - think through ideas together and learn from the diversity of voices

Why do we need Curious Citizens?

Curious Citizens was created in response to an overwhelming need both in our schools and our community.

Results in civics education in schools are declining and although political awareness seems to be increasing, general knowledge in the community around our democratic institutions and process is declining.

To read more about the need for greater civics knowledge and Curious Citizens' mission

We have also heard from teachers that civics is especially hard to teach;

 - It is difficult to teach in an engaging way

 - It is often too abstract and seems disconnected from student's reality

 - Teachers are often pressed for time and resources

 - It often 'falls through the cracks' between teaching areas

Which is why at Curious Citizens our program is simple for teachers to implement and fun and engaging for students.  We are also committed to seeing results and making a difference to student outcomes, which is why we insist on a structure of weekly workshops that can be integrated into your teaching program rather than a single presentation or workshop.

If you're interested in hearing about more, why not send us an email at mail@curiouscitizens.com.au or visit our bookings page to look at our workshops?

Meet Our Founder

Luke Yager

I've been involved in education in some form for almost a decade and I strongly believe that a democratic culture in the classroom is key to engaging students more in their own education, and in expanding civics knowledge and engagement in the community.  In founding Curious Citizens, I wanted to combine my experience in political science, education and as a professional performer and public speaker for the benefit of the community.  I'm passionate about working with young people, and releasing confidence and a drive to learn by building community and connection. 

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.  We support them in seeking recognition so a properly constituted nation of Australia can celebrate in the traditions of the longest surviving culture on the planet.